SupMedi CBD Oil

SupMedi CBD Oil

SupMedi CBD Oil is the newest CBD oil brand from Amsterdam. They stand out in terms of quality and knowledge with their CBD Oil due to their extensive experience with high-end crop cultivation. CBD Oil Shop is proud to have added SupMedi CBD Oil. If you have any questions related to the SupMedi CBD oil brand feel free to contact us at

SupMedi CBD Oil Specifications

SupMedi CBD oil is produced the best industrial fiber from hemp on the market. SupMedi works with Holland-Biodiversity to make sure their CBD Oil is unmatched in terms of quality. The combine their deep knowledge and skills of crop cultivation with their passion to manufacture quality CBD Oil with a wide spectrum of cannabinoids.

Dosages & Concentrations for SupMedi CBD Oil

SupMedi has 2 types of percentages for sale: – SupMedi 3,5% CBD oil and SupMedi 10% CBD oil
For people just starting with CBD oil, we can advise the 3,5% version. For advanced users or when you need higher dosages, we would advise the 10% version.

Other Amsterdam Genetics CBD products

Because CBD Oil brands are still experimenting to find the best mixture of CBD extracts with the right kind of oil. Due to the current taste of CBD Oil which people experience as “a bit grassy”, SupMedi created an alternative CBD product named the CBD Tablets which can be taken orally.

Amsterdam Genetics CBD Oil

Amsterdam Genetics CBD Oil is the newest CBD Oil Brand we have to offer in CBD Oil shop. Amsterdam Genetics is a well-known name and they are famous because of their unique high-quality strains. Now they used their knowledge of high-end crop cultivation techniques to create one of highest quality CBD oils available on the market “Amsterdam Genetics CBD Oil” If you have any questions regarding Amsterdam Genetics CBD Oil feel free to contact us at

Amsterdam Genetics CBD Oil Specifications

The CBD oil from Amsterdam Genetics is made from the highest industrial fiber hemp available. Amsterdam Genetics collaborates with Holland Biodiversity to secure unparalleled levels of quality using their deep knowledge and skills of crop cultivation of hemp. This way the CBD Extracts being used for the production of Amsterdam Genetics CBD Oil are unmatched.

Concentrations and dosages for Amsterdam Genetics CBD oil

We have 2 types of percentages available: – Amsterdam Genetics 3,5% CBD oil – Amsterdam Genetics 10 % CBD oil For beginners, we can recommend the 3,5%. For more experienced users, or people who need higher dosages we recommend the 10% version.

Other Amsterdam Genetics CBD products

While many CBD Oil brands are still finding the best combinations of mixing CBD extracts with different kinds of oil, the taste of CBD Oil is still a bit grassy. In anticipation, Amsterdam Genetics created a new CBD product named the CBD Tablets.

Hemp Hero CBD Oil

Hemp Hero CBD Oil

Buy Hemp Hero CBD Oil at CBD Oil Shop. Hemp Hero is a CBD Oil brand brought on the market by CBD Oil Shop itself. It has a wide spectrum of cannabinoids and it is offered at very competing prices. CBD Oil Shop ships Hemp Hero CBD Oil worldwide and also they sell it in bulk.

Currently, we see more CBD Oil shops adopting Hemp Hero CBD Oil so the places where you can buy Hemo Hero is increasing at a rapid pace.

So hurry up and visit the CBD Oil Shop at or visit their physical CBD Oil shop store from High Culture in Amsterdam.

Hemp Hero CBD Oil Discount

You can use this coupon code HempHero10% at the checkout to receive a 10% discount on all Hemp Hero CBD oil purchases. So try Hemp Hero CBD and experience a whole other CBD oil quality. Also, you can use the coupon code in our physical shop. Just mention the code to one of the shop assistants.

CBD Coach

CBD Coach – Learn about the benefits of CBD Oil

CBD Coach is a platform where we try to answer as many questions related to the use of CBD Oil. CBD Oil is an upcoming health supplement which is gaining more and more exposure every day. It has many appliances and CBD Oil can be used as a multi-target drug. Nevertheless, the use of CBD oil can be complex. Especially when it is used in combinations with other medicines.

CBD Coach – What is our mission?

Our mission is to inform as many people about the use and benefits of CBD Oil, and other CBD products as there are many alternatives already in the market due to the grassy taste of the oil can give when administered. We do have to say that all information on this website is not backed by official medical research. All information is compiled from experiences we personally have with CBD Oil, and the feedback we got from our clients that bought CBD Oil products at our webshop CBD Oil Shop located in Amsterdam.

Learn more about CBD in our Frequently Asked Questions

To learn more about the use of CBD Oil, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions sections:

CBD Knowledge

CBD Dosages

Ailments treatable with CBD Oil

Buy CBD Oil

Buy CBD Oil

Buy CBD Oil at CBD Oil Shop and get to choose from numerous CBD Oil brands they have for sale. If you want to find a CBD shop near you and you are by any chance in Amsterdam, you can also visit the CBD oil shop store. It is located in Amsterdam West on the Bellamystraat 6. It’s very close to the foodhallen so after you tried a drop of CBD you might get hungry and enjoy food from all over the world there.

CBD Oil health benefits

Anyway, more importantly, are the health benefits of CBD oil. CBD products can be used orally, but can also be applied topically. Both ways of using CBD will help the natural regulatory system of the body to clean, assist, and help build or reproduce the body more efficiently. In other words, your body can heal itself and CBD contains several cannabinoids that mimic those your body already uses to do so.