Health in general

Health in general

The health market is a platform for all topics surrounding heath. We are trying to create a platform where (alternative) medicine and other ways to improve health contribute to general health.

The health market is connected to a variety of healthcare providers including, but not limited to:

  • Dentists;
  • Cosmetic dentists;
  • Nutritional advisers;
  • Supplement suppliers;
  • Personal trainers;
  • Plastic surgeons;
  • Cosmetic gynecologists.

Being comfortable with your body can contribute greatly to your mental health. In addition to improving physical health we also focus on mental health in the form of stress management, acupuncture, yoga and therapy.

Eating healthy, exercising daily and keeping our bad habits at bay is what makes for a good physical health. A good mental health is equally important. Eating healthily and exercise need to be in balance with stress levels and getting enough sleep every day. We at the health market find it equally important to highlight both the physical and mental health.

Platform for physical and mental health

As mentioned earlier the Health Market is a platform for physical and mental health. Finding balance between these two factors is crucial, as they help improve each other. A healthy diet combined with exercising is far from ideal when people are still smoking and drinking. Huge workloads, little sleep and weeks filled with stress cause a far from healthy lifestyle.

Listed below are healthcare providers connected to the Health Market that can help with a holistically healthy lifestyle:

Physical health:

A list of health care providers focusing on physical health:

Mental health

You’ll find a list of mental healthcare providers below. Note that we have included providers that focus on cosmetics as we believe appearance contributes to a better mental health.

Stress management and alternative health care are also on the list as they largely focus on improving mental health.

Connected parties:

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